Video examples

These are the sort of results we are looking for with our Total Taping concepts. Test and retest is a crucial part of the intervention and as with any therapeutic modality, the outcome of your test and retest has massive diagnostic value.
This delegate had 7 years of restricted bilateral shoulder abduction at below 110-120 degrees. She had received a lot of treatment but had never gained any significant movement. Watch what happened when her fellow delegate decided to apply our concept and tape her rhomboids/lower trapz in inhibition and we added a facilitation tape to her left deltoid.
Sometimes it really is that simple – when you find out exactly what is causing dysfunction.
The follow up is, that after re-applying the tape for a few weeks, her range returned to full and she has had no shoulder issues or restriction since.
We were particularly pleased that this tape application was done by her fellow delegate using the principles we were teaching – and not by the instructors.

Watch an immediate change in hamstring flexibility with an inhibition tape. And watch how the effect again disappears as soon as the tape is removed. This shows that the effect is not from the repeated stretching, but directly from the tape itself. Prolonged wearing of the tape will cause gradual neural adaptation to the new tone

Watch the marked improvement in left scapular stabilisation with a gentle facilitation tape application. After application, her left scapula actually stabilises better than the right!

One of our favourite techniques for SI joint pain.