The Concept


We teach a conceptual approach that is easy to understand and to apply in your clinic.Our workflow is ‘Choose your goal’, ‘Choose your technique’, ‘Choose your tape’ – This is combined with a test and re-test approach to assess the effectiveness of your tape application.

This focus on pre- and post-application testing ensures your tape application has done it’s job. This can be in terms of ROM, strength and pain and expect to see an immediate change with most of our applications. This takes the guesswork out of taping and allows you and your patient to see an immediate impact from taping.

Taping is not just for sports injuries but can significantly support your treatment  for many conditions. It offers the patient another modality which helps them – even when they’ve left your clinic.

The following Monday morning, you will be able to:

  • Decide which technique will suit the patient in front of you based on easily applied principles
  • Support your soft tissue techniques by reducing muscle spasm
  • Immediately increase ROM to injured joints
  • Help patients with chronic hypertonicity to release their muscle tension
  • Reduce the tension of neurogenic pain such as brachialgia and sciatica
  • Improve healing of scars and reduce swelling from acute injury
  • Offload acute disc injuries
  • Advise patients regarding self taping
  • Support patients in retraining posture
Taping works for your athletes but just as well for your non-athletic patients and although this is a concept centered seminar, you will be presented with simple yet effective taping methods for a variety of conditions common in your clinic.